About BPG

In 2005, the Brand Owners Protection Group (Gulf BPG) was established of international brands and legal consultants united to fight against counterfeiting and illicit trade along with concerned law enforcement authorities; they joined hands to support and strengthen the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

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The Brand Owners Protection Group (Gulf BPG) is a non–profit organization aiming to improve Intellectual Property Rights enforcement and laws across the GCC and Yemen. The group focuses on educating businesses and consumers while cooperating with local, regional, and international authorities to strengthen the enforcement of said laws and keep up with the fast-growing economy and technology.

Chairman’s Message

Gulf BPG is a non-profit organization established by international brands and legal consultants specializing in intellectual property since 2005, covering the GCC and Yemen. Our aim is to establish the best intellectual property systems through close collaboration with the public sector, preparation of legal studies, participation in training, lobbying for new legislations adapted to new technologies like Block-chain and Artificial Intelligence and raising awareness on the impacts of illicit trade and commercial fraud on both economy and social security.

Our achievements, undoubtedly, have been the reap of the brand owners’ trust placed in the board members, and the fruitful collaboration with various authorities sharing the same interest of protecting customers, brand owners’ intellectual property and the business environment in the GCC and Yemen. We are sharpening our strategy and actions to become one of the most innovative and influential associations in the intellectual property world.

Gulf BPG welcomes brand owners and legal consultants to become members of the group and partners in our vision and strategy.

Malek Hannouf – Chairman


Counterfeiting and illicit trade is an economic, social and moral problem on an international level that requires a public private partnership to be eliminated in the future.


Protect consumers from counterfeits and all other forms of illicit trade, defend the integrity of the brands and restore the investors’ trust.

Our Core Values


To bring all IP stakeholders under one umbrella, starting with brand owners, legal consultants, technology companies, recycling companies and law enforcement authorities.


To be socially accountable to our environment, members and the public by adopting transparent and ethical behavior that contributes to sustainable development.


We aspire to reach each and every member of our society whether physically via workshops and events or virtually via webinars and social media to join us in our mission.


Support and promote creativity, especially for SMEs, leading to a fast, safe and growing economy.

Our Strategy

We aim to a join partnership in order to fight efficiently counterfeiting and illicit trade.