What We Do

Protect, cooperate and educate against counterfeit and illicit trade.

Educate consumers, train law enforcement authorities and develop their IP knowledge and skills, lobby with all IP stakeholders, provide consultation on IP laws and regulations, share best practices worldwide and run awareness campaigns against counterfeits and illicit trade.

Action Plan

Share and collect information with:

  • Governmental Stakeholders
  • Law Enforcement Authorities
  • Legal Consultants
  • International Organizations (WCO, WTO, Interpol)
  • Diplomatic and Trade Representatives
  • Trade Associations
  • Business Councils
  • NGOs

Engage local, national and regional governmental authorities to sentencing, proactive actions and effective enforcement of IP laws and regulations. Said lobbying is conducting through:

  • Specialized training and workshops for public and private sector (including consumers and law enforcement authorities).
  • Data sharing on counterfeiting and illicit trade offenders.

Publish studies reflecting the actual impacts of counterfeiting and illicit trade, launch awareness campaigns and interact with the local, national, and regional media to Highlight of the risks and threats posed by counterfeiting and illicit trade.