Be the change you want to see. You can start with your shopping cart.
Be Safe, Shop Smart is more than just a campaign. It’s a social revolution.

“Counterfeit products have become a global economic cancer affecting our society”

Malek Hannouf

Chairman, Gulf BPG



It all starts with a pledge.

Pledge against terrorism.
Pledge against child slavery.
Pledge against economic disparity.
Pledge against funding organised crime.

Pledge to SHOP SMART. Vote with your wallet.

How you can play your part in the fight against counterfeit

  • 1. Know the product

    Do your research before buying a product.

  • 2. Know the price range

    If a price tag seems too good to be true, it probably is.

  • 3. Know the seller

    Always buy from the official seller and affiliated retailers.

How to Pledge?

1. Complete the Form

2. Recieve your Certificate via Email

3. Improve Consumer Awareness

Take the Pledge

*Please note, you can only use your email ID once. Multiple Pledges from the same email address will not be accepted.

For all enquiries or questions regarding the Pledge, please contact admin@gulfbpg.com


You’ve got the power to right the wrong and make a CHANGE.

If you come across counterfeiting or commercial fraud within the GCC or Yemen, please report it to any of the listed law enforcement authorities in your region immediately.

You can also report the case through below the Consumer Complaint hotlines in the UAE.


|ابق في منزلك لحماية عائلتك. كلما حافظنا على التباعد الاجتماعي، نعود إلى حياتنا الطبيعية بشكل أسرع. :) #FlattenTheCurve⁠

Stay ...
|تذكير بسيط بأن الصفقات الحقيقية لا تعقد في الظلام.
شارك هذه الحقيقة مع من أفراد أسرتك وأصدقائك ممن ترى أنهم ...
قد يكون الكشف عن الأدوية المقلدة صعب، ولتخطي تلك الصعوبة عليك الشراء من المنشآت الطبية الموثوقة والمعتمدة فقط.⁠

Counterfeit ...
وضع روتين معين لا يعني إبداء اهتمام أقل بالمنتجات التي تستخدمها في حياتك. الإهمال قد يؤدي إلى تكبد المزيد من ...