Membership Types

BPG offers two levels of membership for Brand Owners. These are Voting and Non-Voting. Local agents and service providers will act as a Non-Voting member only.

Voting Membership

Brand Owners’

A Voting member is entitled to participate in Training sessions organized by the BPG , the right to vote for the Board of the BPG or join the Board, where those members can have a direct influence on BPG activities, plans, policies, and initiatives.

A Voting member will have access to the highest-level information exchange, attend official senior government meetings, and represent the BPG in press conferences and conventions. These opportunities enable you to get your message across to the local governments and the media.

Non-Voting Membership

Non-Voting members will enjoy the membership benefits and gains resulting from the group’s efforts. However, the priority will always be that of the voting members in all matters and events.

Non-voting members will not be entitled to vote and they cannot become members of the Board.

Local Agents or Distributors

Local Agents and Distributors of brands, working in the Gulf & Yemen area, may join the BPG. The brand protection efforts carried out by BPG will necessarily result in saving lost revenues for their organizations. Their BPG membership will be a non-voting one. It will no longer be valid if the brand agency or distribution rights agreement is cancelled for any reason or expired.

Local Agent or distributor can represent his principals’, and participate in Training sessions on their behalf, if their principals’ are existing BPG Members.

Industry Associations

Where you can join BPG as an observer for a limited time to be agreed and reviewed by the Board periodically, such observer statues can have the benefits as per the below table , it is hoped through observing the activities of the BPG, members of the association will understand the benefits and decide becoming a member with the BPG.

Service Providers

Under this segment, entities that can be of service to the brand owning members, in the field of brand protection, may join the BPG. The service providing members as such can be lawyers, legal consultants, trademark agents, patent agents, investigators, market researchers, branding consultancies…etc. These must have an effective business or practice and offices in the GCC & Yemen area.

The service providers cannot be voting members. They will benefit from the group’s activities as show below (Table 1.1).