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Can the Gulf BPG assist with protecting my trademark?

Gulf BPG does not take legal action against offenders and does not perform any legal services such as registering TMs.

Brand owners wishing to register or enforce their trademarks should approach legal consultant or law firm from the Gulf BPG members.

How does the BPG operate?

Voting members will elect the board, who will elect the chairman, deputy chairman, director of communication and the treasurer. The board will be in charge of all the activities aimed at implementing the best IP systems and strengthening the enforcement of IP rights.

What are the types and costs of Gulf BPG memberships?

Gulf BPG offers two types of memberships; Voting and Non-Voting.

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Can I have a say in the objectives of Gulf BPG?

Yes absolutely, all members attend the annual general assembly where they can voice their opinions. All members may join the board meeting upon invitation from the chairman, or the board to raise any concerns.