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We seek to join efforts in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of all actions against counterfeiting and illicit trade.

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The Brand Owners Protection Group (Gulf BPG) membership system is an annual auto-renewal system, which means once an interested company completes the online membership application and have thereafter received a confirmation of acceptance, then their annual membership will be renewed automatically the year after. In the event, a member wishes to terminate this membership, they should communicate the termination request in writing by email to the chairman or the administrator. Any termination request should be submitted before January 1st of the year in order to avoid the membership being auto-renewed.

Member Benefits

  • Companies avoid awkward exposure on anti-counterfeiting issues by being under the Gulf BPG umbrella.
  • Members benefit from Gulf BPG relations with the government, law enforcement authorities, the media and other IP protection organizations.
  • The members’ interests and agendas can be promoted via Gulf BPG profile and influence.
  • Gulf BPG members exchange information and experience, both internally and with the local authorities in the region.
  • Members will benefit from the specialized training to differentiate between authentic and counterfeited products that the group provides for governmental enforcement agencies such as customs and others.
  • The Gulf BPG signs agreements and memorandums of understanding (MOU) with official law enforcement entities on behalf of its members.
  • Gulf BPG commissions economic impact studies and other forms of research on behalf of its members.
  • Gulf BPG forms partnerships with similar anti-counterfeiting global associations. These global links will increase information sharing, advice and action.
  • Members have access to IP related conferences and events.
  • Members have access to the Gulf BPG website providing contacts, guidance database and instant news on recent developments and legislations.

Membership Types

Gulf BPG offers two types of memberships; Voting and Non-Voting.

1.Voting Membership

Brand Owners:

A Voting member is entitled to participate in all trainings and events organized by Gulf BPG, the right to candidate and vote for the Gulf BPG board, where in they can have a direct influence on BPG activities, plans, policies, and initiatives.

A Voting member will have access to all types of information, attend official governmental meetings and represent the Gulf BPG in conferences and events.

Annual Fees

Brand Owners’: USD 2,500/annum

2.Non-Voting Membership

A Non-Voting member is entitled to participate in all trainings and events organized by Gulf BPG (The priority will always be for voting members), non-voting member is entitled to candidate to the Gulf BPG board. However, they don’t enjoy the right to vote.

Local Agents or Distributors:
Companies that have valid distributions, licensing, or commercial agency agreements.

Service Providers:
Legal consultants, law firms, technology companies, recycling companies and storage and handling companies.

Industry Associations:
Associations, NGOs, or business man groups.

Annual Fees

Local Agent: USD 2,000/annum
Service Provider: USD 2,000/annum
Industry Association: USD 2,000/annum

Membership Form

 As a Gulf BPG member, you will reap the benefits of our efforts to fight illicit trade and create awareness of its negative impact on consumers, economies, governments and legitimate businesses.

Join Us To Make A Difference 

Join Us To Make A Difference 

Join Us To Make A Difference 

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