Vision, Mission & Strategy


Illicit trade is an economic, social, and moral problem of national and international importance that can be eliminated in the future.


The Brand Owners’ Protection Group (BPG) will seek the enforcement of intellectual property laws in order to protect consumers from counterfeits and all other forms of illicit trade thereby defending the integrity of member organization brands.


BPG’s strategy for achieving its goals is to use all legal means at our disposal to reach soaring brand protection levels. These include education of the business community, consumers, media and interaction with authorities – local and international – to strengthen the enforcement of those laws governing illicit trade in all its forms.

We believe illicit trade is an economic, social, and moral problem of national importance that impacts the interests of states and societies. Counterfeiting and smuggling are a direct violation of local, regional, and international laws, as well as the rights of consumers. Failure to combat illicit trade encourages the growth of crime and corruption, discourages legitimate business development and investment, threatens the health and safety of consumers, destroys citizens’ confidence in their governments, and has a major negative impact on government revenue collection.

We will work to obtain the active cooperation of consumers, government agencies, industry partners, and the media, who share our desire to free the regional markets from illicit products.