Action Plan

BPG seeks to maximize the available economies of scale created by the alliance of a large number of major multinational corporations to accomplish the following:

  • Share and collate information regarding:
    • Governmental Stakeholders
    • Enforcement Agencies
    • Service Providers
    • Media Contacts
    • International Organizations (WCO, WTO, Interpol)
    • Diplomatic Trade Representatives
    • Trade Associations
    • Business Councils
    • NGOs
    • Perpetrators of Illicit Trade
  • Engage local, national, and regional governmental authorities to achieve:
    • The adoption of laws requiring severe penalties for engagement in illicit trade, including forfeiture and destruction of all seized stocks, mandatory confinement, and larger fines.
    • More pro-active and effective enforcement of current laws and to lobby for stronger legislation.
    • Specialized training for governmental enforcement agencies such as Customs and Police.
    • Share data (intelligence) on illicit trade
  • Collate and publish data reflecting the true cost of illicit trade.
  • Develop and launch an Illicit Trade Awareness Campaign, targeting governments, business communities, and consumers.
  • Interact with retail trade partners to deter illicit trade.
    • Leverage rentals as rewards and punishments
    • Establish a “clean shop” program
  • Interact with the local, national, and international media to:
    • Inform the public of the threats posed by illicit trade
    • Highlight successes
  • Sponsor events (conferences and workshops) that assist in informing and equipping both the private and public sectors in terms of combating illicit trade.