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The Brand Owners Protection Group (Gulf BPG) is a group of world leading Brand Owners and Legal Consultants who are alarmed at the continuous expansion of illicit trade and interested in the enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.

The road to INnovation economy requires a lot of INvestment in new technologies and innovations. This will not be possible without a strong INtellectual Property system. Let’s all be IN.

Malek HannoufChairman, Gulf BPG

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The Brand Owners Protection Group (Gulf BPG) will seek the enforcement of intellectual property laws in order to protect consumers from all forms of illicit trade.

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Consumer Protection

If you want to report a counterfeiting or commercial fraud case that you or any acquaintance of yours have personally encountered within the GCC or Yemen, you may contact any of the law enforcement authorities, entitled to protect intellectual property rights in your country.

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 As a Gulf BPG member, you will reap the benefits of our efforts to fight illicit trade and create awareness of its negative impact on consumers, economies, governments, and legitimate businesses.

Join Us To Make A Difference 

Join Us To Make A Difference 

Join Us To Make A Difference 

Recent News

Seminar on Combatting Online Infringement

Under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy in the UAE, Gulf BPG organized a seminar on Combatting Online Infringement, in cooperation with, Economic Service – French Embassy in the...

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Webinar on Office Recycling – Let’s work together for a more sustainable future!

“ Gulf BPG & Recycling Companies members organized an engaging "Office Recycling Awareness Session" designed to empower individuals and organizations to take concrete workplace sustainability steps. Gulf BPG Chairman welcomed...

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F2F workshop/training for Kuwait MoCI & Customs

Gulf BPG hosted an in-person training workshop for Kuwaiti authorities, including representatives from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) and Customs. The event attracted approximately 45 officials, and 14...

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