Chairman’s Message

Welcome to the Brand Owners Protection Group New Website! 

Since its inception back in 2005,  the Brand Owners’ Protection Group  have spent the last  decade striving to help our members and partners combat illicit trade and counterfeiting activities across  the GCC. As a result of our members’ collective activities, the BPG has now become one of the leading expert groups in the field.

Over the years we have had much success and notable achievements and our trusted group of leading brand owners and legal experts are now regularly approached for guidance, advice and support by both the public sector and national and international organizations tasked with tackling IP Crime.

Despite all of our efforts and those undertaken by governments and international organizations to limit illicit trade growth, this phenomena still continues to thrive, thereby threatening our businesses, the economy and the health and safety of our consumers.

With your help and support, our Group remain more committed than ever to ensuring that all of our efforts are aimed first and foremost at reducing the levels of illicit trade and counterfeiting. Only through proactive lobbying and awareness campaigning can we hope to ensure a more secure IP environment in which to operate in. With these objectives in mind, we aim to contribute to decreasing the incidence of crime and corruption on our society, discourage illegitimate businesses, and provide consumers with safe and healthy products.

I am proud and honored to be part of such a dynamic and diverse group. Fighting illicit trade and counterfeiting products is a long journey and an ongoing process that requires commitment from us all.

The new website is one of the many activities that we launched in order to capture all the activities that are being undertaken. Please keep visiting the new website for all the updates, news and information.

Elie Atallah

Chairman, BPG